After being released from prison in January of 2016, Lisa was eager to prove herself but worried she wouldn’t be given a second chance.

But less than one month after her release, she began her new career at our Scottsville Road location in Bowling Green. Since being hired, she has been promoted twice and now works as an assistant manager – and this month, she’s celebrating her five-year anniversary with Goodwill.

“I’m so grateful for Joshua Jones and William Douglas for believing in me and giving me a chance,” she said. “And I thank God every day for my job. It helps keep me on the right path and keeps me busy. … And to my Scottsville Road team, I love y’all!”

Joshua Jones, regional manager, said, “Lisa continues to strive for excellence daily at work and at home, with her recent addition of grandbabies.”

Since being hired, Lisa has graduated from our GREAT Program, which provides employees with valuable management skills. She’s also worked one-on-one with her career coach, Joanna Yates, to secure a vehicle, insurance and housing, among much more. And just this past month, she was approved for a loan without a co-signer.

“I have five grandchildren, and they’ll never have to know about my old life,” Lisa said. “Goodwill gives second chances, even to convicted felons, because everyone deserves an opportunity to start over.”