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For 100 years, Goodwill has been widely recognized for accepting and reselling gently used items that are donated to our retail locations. With a geographic footprint that spans across 103 of Kentucky’s 120 counties, it’s hard to miss our 67 stores. But that is only the beginning of our story… Much like how we accept and re-purpose the items donated, we operate with the mission to offer barrier-removal opportunities to re-purpose the lives of the individuals we serve.

We are strongly affiliated with Goodwill Industries International, but mostly operate autonomously in our region. Founded in 1923, Goodwill Industries of Kentucky is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with 1,800 dedicated employees driven by the mission to serve Kentuckians who are recovering from addiction, reentering society from incarceration, lacking education or transportation, unhoused or homeless, surviving chronic poverty or living with an intellectual or physical disability. Through the power of work, Goodwill gives a hand up to these individuals, helping them achieve and maintain employment to gain a better quality of life.


  • Mission: Goodwill® helps people with disabilities or other disadvantages achieve and maintain employment to gain a better quality of life.
  • Annually, we touch the lives of 20,000+ Kentuckians (people with disabilities, limited education, former offenders, and people experiencing chronic poverty), and assist them to obtain more than 3,000 jobs.
  • Most of our 1,300 retail employees have a disability or other challenge. We assist them to resolve barriers that have kept them from working.
  • Goodwill has 67 stores in 45 Kentucky communities, each providing 8-20 jobs and collectively repurposing/recycling more than 50 million pounds of used goods annually.
  • Annual budget: $106 million


  • Employment is the cornerstone of any effort to strengthen families and break the cycle of poverty. When people become productive employees, they become taxpayers, better citizens, better parents, and
    better neighbors.
  • A hand up, not a handout. Many people who haven’t been able to work and support themselves begin to succeed once they receive a “hand up” in surmounting the barriers they face. We specialize in opportunity!


  • Geographic reach: 103 of Kentucky’s 120 counties
  • Jobs that can assist people in their journey to
  • Experience with the most challenging populations
  • Access to service models from the Goodwill network throughout North America
  • Fiscal strength and stability


Goodwill has a long history of contributing to Kentucky’s economy and quality of life by employing people who would not otherwise have a job and assisting many others to secure jobs outside Goodwill. Now, we’re ready to do more to address some of Kentucky’s biggest issues: poverty and workforce development.


  • Problems such as addiction, crime, poor health, and low education are often rooted in poverty.
  • Many services are available to poor people, but locating and accessing them is very challenging.
  • Kentucky’s workforce participation is low, while good jobs go unfilled.


  • We’re building a network of educators, service providers, and employers to leverage resources, address barriers, and offer career tracks. Our goal is to offer paths out of poverty while meeting employers’ labor needs.
  • We now offer a “soft skills academy” to teach people how to be good employees, with modules in self-presentation, attitude, dependability, conflict resolution, team building, and safety.
  • We remain available to our employer partners and graduates long after placement to assist with any difficulties and help our graduates continue to build a better life.


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