Goodwill Public Policy

In addition to our community and employer partners, we partner with 42 chambers of commerce throughout the commonwealth to help deliver our services to those who need them most.

Through political partnerships, we’re able to connect with and be a strong presence in Kentucky communities. We use these connections to strengthen our credibility as an organization and launch new, exciting initiatives.

Linked below is Goodwill Industries of Kentucky’s public policy brief for government policymakers and others who are interested in partnering with Goodwill or supporting its initiatives in an effort to influence policy change.

Table of Contents


Reducing the barriers to expungement for justice-involved individuals improves employability, increases wages and broadens the tax base.


An opportunity exists to provide educational opportunities, mental health counseling, addiction treatment and wraparound services to young adults to help avoid justice involvement in the first place.


Our community’s homeless population is not a monolithic entity, and the challenges they face are manyfold.


One of the most pressing concerns amongst policymakers is access to affordable childcare.

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