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MOLÉ Recap Video | Goodwill Academy's Mission Optimization Learning Event in Louisville, KY

The Senior Community Service Employment Program | Raymond's Story

Bruce Phipps | Celebrating Goodwill Industries of Kentucky's Centennial

100 Years | Goodwill Industries of Kentucky Celebrates Centennial Anniversary

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Did you know that we save all the Halloween/fall items that are donated to us throughout the ENTIRE YEAR and "reveal" them on a single day? Well ... that day is almost here. Stop by ANY of our 67 retail locations this Friday (9/29) for our annual Halloween reveal 👻

Opportunity is knocking in West Louisville. Watch DeVone Holt's "point of view" to find out how.

An visit our West Louisville Opportunity Campus website to support the project. Link in bio.

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month! At Goodwill, we are immensely proud of our Hispanic employees who help make our organization all that it is—diverse, innovative, and most importantly, mission-centric.

It’s National Employ Older Workers Week, and we want to feature Ray, who works as a part-time production clerk at our Radcliff store!

“I enjoy it. The extra pay is nice. It’s the first time in my life I’ve had benefits offered to me. A lot of people don’t hire you when you’re ...past a certain age. That’s something I had more experience with than anything, having doors slammed in your face.”

At Goodwill, we open doors, not slam them. We are lucky to have you on our team, Ray! 💙

Cory, our multimedia marketing coordinator, or as most know him, "the video guy," got a sneak peek of his production room at our Opportunity Campus!

We can't wait to move our headquarters to West Louisville. 💙

Our Paducah Opportunity Center is *already* impacting lives.

Kashawne Walker is our first client to complete the Applied Digital Skills (ADS) program, and she earned a brand new Chromebook! She is currently enrolled in our RISE program, which stands for 'reintegrating individuals ...successfully every day.'

Kaitlyn Wilson, our office manager for the Center, said, "Ms. Walker has been an incredible motivator, listener and friend to the other RISE class participants. She has stayed late every day to complete the ADS program and was so excited to complete this and move towards her goals."

We are so proud of you, Kashawne!

It's National Expungement Week, a dedicated time to raise awareness and share resources for the millions of Americans impacted by background challenges. Last year, Goodwill—with help from our partners—expunged 2,514 criminal records here in Kentucky!

We are hosting upcoming ...expungement clinics on 9/21 in Bowling Green (registration is closed), 9/28 in Louisville and 10/17 in Versailles.

For more details, please visit

TW // sexual abuse, violence, addiction

While other children were playing at age 11, Erica was selling drugs.

“I come from a long line of convicted felons,” she explained. “I was molested at a young age, and I started doing drugs to cover up the pain. In my family, you ...weren’t allowed to show emotions; it made you weak on the streets.”

Erica was 16 years old when she caught her first criminal charge, which sent her to a juvenile detention center. She stayed away from drugs for a for a few years before being federally convicted at age 19.

After decades of addiction, criminal activity and abuse, Erica eventually hit rock bottom – which led her to The Healing Place and then Goodwill. She is now a successful, trusted assistant manager at our Bardstown store.

“I am the voice of the people. No matter what kind of life you live, you can do something different. You can pick up the pieces and start over," Erica said. "So many people think they have messed up their lives indefinitely, but I get to show them that you can lay that life down. You can start from scratch, especially at Goodwill. I made so many bad decisions. But Goodwill opened their arms. Now, I look behind me and show others the way up. I say, ‘This is what you can become.’”

Read Erica's full story at Link in bio.

Claudia Coffey of Great Day Live is showing off her thrifting skills with this chic leather skirt she purchased at our Jeffersontown store. 🔥

What’s on your fall thrift list? Our annual Halloween reveal will take place statewide on 9/29!


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