Our Frankfort store, located at 121 Arrowhead Court in Frankfort, was recently honored as one of our “Fab 5” stores for the second quarter of 2021, meaning it was among the top-five stores in its region for the quarter.

Each of Frankfort’s amazing Goodwillers contributed to this honor in their own way. To celebrate its achievement, we’re highlighting three employees who have success stories of their own since joining our Goodwill family – Chris Miller, a material handler, Josee Hill, an assistant manager, and Ashley Hicks, another assistant manager.


Chris (pictured on far left) began working at the Frankfort store as a community service participant. He impressed management and was hired as a part-time production clerk in 2020. He received his Adult Peer Support Certification in December 2020 and took advantage of our education incentive. He was promoted to full-time material handler in February and was able to secure independent housing for he and his mother.


Josee (pictured second from left) worked with us briefly in 2018 and returned as a production clerk the following year and within weeks was promoted to team lead. The same year, she was promoted to assistant manager; and last spring, she obtained a vehicle through our Cars to Work program. She also graduated drug court in 2020, she and her partner obtained independent housing and brought their baby girl home in December. Josee recently graduated the GREAT program and is studying for the Assistant Manager Certification.


Ashley (pictured on far right) joined our Goodwill family as a production clerk in January 2020. Five months later, she was promoted to team lead and in August earned her GED Certification, which made her eligible for the education incentive. She was promoted to assistant manager in January of 2021. She and her partner are expecting a baby boy this fall. She graduated from drug court as well and also qualified for a loan to purchase a vehicle. Along with Josee, Ashley is also studying for her Assistant Manager Certification.

Career Coach Fawn Marks (pictured third from left), who oversees the Frankfort store, said, “It has been my privilege to play a small supportive role in their journey, where I have enjoyed witnessing the progress they have made. These are just a few examples of when opportunity plus hard work can lead to success.”

To learn about how you can join our team and make strides toward success, visit goodwillky.org/jobs. We’re holding a statewide hiring event this Thursday, July 22, 2021, if you’re interested in joining our family.