Sarah was residing in a sober living home near our Ring Road store in Elizabethtown when she became interested in working for Goodwill.

“I saw a Goodwill advertisement and thought, ‘What a good place to work,’” Sarah explained. “I could see myself standing behind their mission. I wanted to be a part of it.”

Sarah was hired as a full-time production clerk and began working with her Goodwill career coach, Allison, on financial goals so she could apply to purchase a vehicle through Goodwill Cars to Work.

“I was afraid nothing could happen for me because my credit was so low, but my career coach assured me I would be a great candidate. I was willing to give it a shot,” Sarah said. “Together, we came up with a payment plan and my application was accepted!”

In addition to purchasing a vehicle, Sarah has also worked to have her nursing license reinstated.

“Getting back into nursing was a dream of mine, but due to my choices, I didn’t know if that was a possibility,” Sarah said. “Goodwill has been so flexible and supportive while I completed 120 hours of continuing education credits.”

Despite regaining her nursing license, Sarah plans to stay with Goodwill for the time being.

“I want to work hard and be successful,” she said. “I am content knowing my options are open, and I am not trying to rush anything. I really love my job and coming to work every day. I have never experienced that. It’s special to me, because before, I didn’t think I had any options, and not having any options was a different kind of prison.”

Sarah currently serves as an assistant manager and is enrolled in our 10-week GREAT program, which is designed to help retail employees advance their employment.

“I want others to know that it is never too late to change your life,” Sarah said. “I didn’t come to Goodwill thinking I was a shoo-in. My background was so ugly. Taylor, my store manager, not only hired me, but she promoted me. She made me believe I was an important part of the team, and feeling important has allowed me to grow. I feel like I finally have a purpose.”