RISE – which stands for Reintegrating Individuals Successfully Every Day – is a job-readiness training program designed to empower individuals that have multiple barriers to obtaining gainful employment. Utilizing a holistic approach, the program gives participants the knowledge they need to reintegrate into the workforce in just two weeks.

Sessions in RISE cover a broad range of topics, including but not limited to, financial literacy, digital literacy, communication skills, health and nutrition and behavioral health.

Upon completion of the program participants will receive certificates marking their achievements and have the opportunity to earn a stipend, a laptop, get individual financial counseling, legal assistance and a gym membership or equipment.

Having been given these opportunities, participants can embark on their next steps to employment and eventually on a career path that leads them out of poverty.

Contact information:

RISE Manager:
Tina Ashby
(502) 377-3579

Lexington Area
Lynn Dohner
(859) 277-3661, ext. 3051

Somerset/Pikeville Area
Cynthia Bohon
(606) 514-5677

Louisville Area
Tonia Owens
(502) 585-5221, ext. 2283

Bowling Green Area
Traci Houchins
(270) 781-4930

Elizabethtown Area
Kristen Abell
(270) 506-4950

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