Nielen immigrated to the United States from the Philippines 17 years ago. Nielen’s niece told her about a job opening at Goodwill, and she has worked at our Millpond store in Lexington ever since.

“They interviewed me the same day I applied,” Nielen explained. “I had just arrived from the Philippines earlier that month, and I had no relevant job skills. I had to say, ‘This is my first application in the States. I have no work experience here, but where I am from, we work hard. I will never give you a headache. If you hire me, I will not leave.’”

On that day, Nielen made a promise to herself and to God that if she got the job, she would work at Goodwill until she retired. So, that’s what she did.

Nielen has plans to retire in May of this year and move to North Carolina to live with her son – who serves in the military – and care for her grandchildren, who call her “Lola.”

Nielen has been a fiercely dedicated employee, and we want to congratulate her on her upcoming retirement!