In 2012, after losing his job at a local pizza joint that closed down, Joseph was introduced to Goodwill through Life Skills, an agency designed to connect people with disabilities to the resources they need. In Joseph’s case, that was employment.

For the last two years, after moving back to Bowling Green after some time in Eastern Kentucky, Joseph has been working as a full-time material handler at our Scottsville Road store. However, after losing his vehicle in a car accident, he was relying on his aunt and uncle to get him to and from work.

His career coach, Brad, helped him submit an application for the Goodwill Cars to Work program, and Joseph now makes affordable monthly payments on his own vehicle. He says it gives him “more independence.”

Currently, Joseph is enrolled in our Work and Learn program to earn his business management degree from Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College. The Work and Learn program allows full-time Goodwill employees the opportunity to work 30 hours per week in the store and 10 hours per week toward an industry-recognized credential, while receiving pay for the full-time wages (40 hours).

He hopes to use his degree to advance his career within Goodwill. He recently even had a dream that he was offered a position as regional manager – just like Joshua Jones, who has helped Joseph’s professional development.

In his free time, Joseph likes to listen to gospel and Appalachian-style music.