Goodwill Industries of Kentucky is excited to announce the hiring of Rob Moore as our very first chaplain. Rob, an ordained minister, will provide spiritual support for our employees across the commonwealth in a nondenominational/interfaith fashion – even if they aren’t religious, he is here to help.

Rob was born, raised and still resides in Louisville. He was raised in west Louisville, specifically. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Spalding University in interdisciplinary religion and went on to graduate from Vanderbilt University Divinity School with a master’s in theological studies.

Because of the environment Rob was raised in, he has always had a passion for helping others and has more than five years of experience as an advocate for underserved populations. He’s served on several community outreach boards and has worked to spearhead youth initiatives with the Louisville Urban League and KentuckianaWorks.

Rob began on Friday, February 26 and has already visited members of our east region in response to the sad passing of a Goodwiller. He details his role and more in the Q&A below:

What led you to Goodwill?

“(I came to Goodwill) based on the work I had been doing in the community, and mainly to emphasize my real passion – spiritual care or ministry. (I want) to help individuals in their life – not so much religiously but more of a spiritual journey. And how the spiritual journey takes place as far as your mental health and your physical health as well.”

How will you help employees? What if they aren’t religious?

“(I’ll attempt to connect to) who you are as a person and how to connect yourself to your journey – what is your purpose of life? Whether it be through a divine being, or if you don’t believe if anything, what is your purpose in life, and how can I help you in that journey, for your purpose?”

How will you help Goodwill’s mission?

“I live by this mantra in how I try to live my life every day, especially in this line of work, doing community outreach – it comes from the words of Dr. Cornel West. He said, “In order to lead the people, you have to love them. In order to save the people, you have to serve them.” And that is the thing I saw from the distance, the things that Goodwill does. They lead by loving and save individuals by serving them based on the resources they have.”

Rob said he believes him working at Goodwill is meant to be, as he’s seen his journey come full circle.

“It’s so funny how the world, our life, this type of life happens. I mentioned the people who looked after me, who told me, “Hey, don’t get in the streets.” The other day, during my orientation, I ran into one of my … (mentors). And it’s like, ‘Wow, he poured into me when I was young, and now, it’s me wanting to take on the services that I’m going to provide.’”

Who will you help?

“It’s my job to go out to different stores for individuals that need my services. Just recently, unfortunately, with the passing of a Goodwiller … (I am there to offer) some grieving, some counseling for those individuals, and just to be present. Other people, they open up to me about other things. They open up to me about their own mortality – what is the meaning of life?”