LOUISVILLE, KY. – Goodwill Industries of Kentucky has announced that Blak Koffee will be opening a new location inside the nonprofit’s West Louisville Opportunity Center at 2820 West Broadway, which is set to officially open its doors to West Louisville residents in need of holistic self-sufficiency resources on March 20.

Blak Koffee, which already has a presence in the Russell neighborhood of West Louisville, operates with a mission to offer a safe, welcoming atmosphere that is culturally conscious and conducive for business, relaxation, socialization and networking, all while offering exceptional coffee and service. Owners Kevin and Ronyale Smith built their business with an emphasis on diversity, community, quality and economic empowerment, which aligns with the plans and intentions of Goodwill’s West Louisville Opportunity Center.

“We made a commitment to bring in a restaurant, offering not only delicious food but also healthy choices to the community,” said Rena Sharpe, chief operating officer for Goodwill. “When I met Ronyale last year, it became clear that Blak Koffee was the perfect fit to fulfill that promise.”

Blak Koffee will be located prominently on the north side of the main hall of the Opportunity Center, which is expected to serve 50,000 individuals each year with a combination of employment and self-sufficiency resources. The restaurant’s construction is expected to begin in late spring. The new location is expected to offer all of its current menu items.

To learn more about Goodwill’s West Louisville Opportunity Center and its co-locating partners, visit GoodwillWestLouisville.com. To learn more about Blak Koffee, visit BlakKoffee.com.

About Goodwill Industries of Kentucky

Goodwill Industries of Kentucky is a 100-year-old nonprofit organization that operates in 103 of Kentucky’s 120 counties. The organization is committed to using resources from its 67 retail stores to help build pathways out of poverty for individuals who need a hand up in life. In 2023, Goodwill helped place 3,185 Kentuckians into jobs with its 1,330 employer partners and inside its own retail stores. Goodwill uses approximately 90 cents from every dollar generated in its retail stores to operate programs and services that help Kentucky’s hardest-to-serve job seekers build the life they desire.