Six years ago, Beatrice, her husband and five children relocated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Kentucky. The family decided to relocate because of violence in their native Africa and to better support one of the children, Chance, who has a disability.

Beatrice began working to support her family, but she had to leave Chance at home, which she said hurt Chance’s health. Despite earning nearly $20 per hour, Beatrice left her job and began searching for opportunities to work with her daughter.

That search led her and her daughter, Chance, to Goodwill and the Brannon Crossing location in Lexington. She couldn’t find any other employer willing to hire her and her daughter together.

“I came to Goodwill for help,” she said. “I ask them, ‘Can we work together? We work good together, very fast. We got help.”

According to Senior Store Manager Crystal Tincher, the duo is very hardworking, even though it took Chance some time to get used to having a job.

“Beatrice and Chance, they came here about six years ago and neither of them spoke English, except for one of her children.” Crystal said. “They both work amazing, anything you ask them to do. They’re here on time. You have to just about drag them to the time clock to leave. … I’m so proud to have them. They are our mission and what we do.”

Beatrice said Chance does good work alongside her. She said she was “shocked” when Chance’s health started to decline while staying home all day, but now, she said she’s responding well to being on her feet for long periods of time.

“I need to keep my daughter here,” she said. “She works faster and faster. I pray to God. I say, ‘God, thank you.’”

Beatrice said her mother also relocated from the Democratic Republic of Congo last year, which has helped the family get used to the new country. One of Beatrice’s five kids is enrolled in college. According to her, life is happy here in Kentucky.

“I tell my boss here at Goodwill, ‘Thank you so much for helping my baby.’ Me, I’m so happy,” she said.

We are proud to celebrate Beatrice, Chance and their family on World Refugee Day and beyond!