Self-Sufficiency Pathway

At Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, we provide pathways out of poverty for thousands of Kentuckians every year by using a proprietary self-sufficiency matrix that leads individuals to improved life scenarios. The path to self-sufficiency guides men and women through a four-step process that begins with barrier removal work and ends with permanent employment. See below for more details.


Barrier removal

Housing, transportation, food, safety, health, childcare, etc.

  • Intake-Self Sufficiency Matrix
  • Set goals based on score & priority
  • Soft Skills
  • Initial work placement at Goodwill (preferably) or another intermediary employer


Career path planning

  • Career exploration, family/social relations, GED, etc.
  • Choose pathway based on testing and interest
  • Job shadowing
  • Create plan with HR/career coach

Note: All Goodwill employees and clients have a dedicated career coach to work with them on their self-sufficiency status


Work and learn

  • Training/credentialing 1-2 days per week (stipend by Goodwill Works)
  • Working at Goodwill or another sponsor employer 3-4 days per week


Permanent placement

Self-Sufficiency Matrix

We meet our program participants and employees where they are in life with our self-sufficiency matrix. Individuals who enter our Opportunity Centers are assigned a number based on their current state as it pertains to housing, finance, food, dependent care, education, health care coverage, transportation, mental health and safety, substance abuse and legal issues:

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