What is a vocational evaluation?

A vocational evaluation helps you discover a career and/or education path that is a good fit for you based on your work history, interests, aptitudes and abilities. The evaluation will help you determine if there are any areas to work on before you start a job or training program.
Your vocational rehabilitation counselor will use the information learned during the vocational evaluation process to create an individualized rehabilitation/employment plan best suited for you. The plan will include steps to help you achieve your employment goals.

What happens during a vocational evaluation?

We get to know you and your current situation by asking questions about your:
• Living situation
• Education/training history
• Work history and employment status
• Transportation availability
• Medical history
• Strengths and limitations
If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact:
• Sharon Duke: 502-585-5221 ext. 2272 or sharon.duke@goodwillky.org