For years, I have been obsessed with the color yellow, and everyone else is FINALLY loving it too! Yellow is THE color of the season, so don’t shy away.

Wide-legged pants can be daunting, but I am all about taking a wardrobe risk! (Try it once and you’ll love it too. Guarantee it.) My J. Crew flared dress pants are super trendy and even more comfortable. I can’t believe I snagged these from the New Circle location (Lexington) for just $4.29.

I usually stick with a neutral top when wearing these pants. Lately, this Talbots tee has been my go-to. It has a feminine cut with precious eyelet sleeves. Extremely comfortable and so cute! I purchased it for just $3.99 from the Brannon Crossings location (Nicholasville).

If you know me, you know I am ALL about a matchy-matchy look! This yellow-tiered necklace was meant for these pants. Paired with my Rockport heels and printed camel-colored belt, I feel perfectly coordinated. These three accessories cost less than $7 total!

Lastly, this grass basket purse deserves ALL the heart-eyed emojis! I found it at the Richmond location for just $3.99. I gave it more personality by stitching striped ribbon and pom-pom trim around the top. Talk about a successful DIY! I am LOVING it.

The next time you’re shopping at your local Goodwill, snag the colorful piece and make it a statement!