We are excited to announce Mindy as our new retail merchandising manager! Mindy’s path to this position wasn’t always an easy one.

A former pharmacy technician, Mindy suffered from undiagnosed Celiac disease.

“It felt like I was constantly being stabbed,” Mindy explained. “I was unaware I had Celiac disease, so I unknowingly kept doing things that worsened my symptoms.”

Due to the physical pain and confusion of remaining undiagnosed, Mindy began taking medication for depression and anxiety. “The pills helped ease the pain, but when my body adjusted to them, I felt like I needed to take more. I made a huge mistake and was released from my job.”

After one year of unemployment and properly handling her diagnosis, Mindy began working as a part-time cashier for a Goodwill store in Bowling Green in 2014.

“I knew that because of my mistake, my past was tainted,” Mindy said. “It still really bothers me. But I understood the scope of Goodwill’s mission, and I wanted to prove I was deserving of a second chance. Goodwill is an incredibly rewarding place to restart my career.”

Mindy took advantage of that second chance and has earned multiple promotions. Despite her accomplishments, she was forced to overcome even more challenges.

In July 2018, she was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease – a disease to which she lost her father to a year later. A month after losing her father, Mindy was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. Through the devastation, Goodwill continues to be her support system.

Mindy said, “I want people to know that Goodwill works with people who have medical histories they may not be proud of – yet we are able to advance in a career if we put forth the effort to do so.”

Her supervisor, Joshua Jones, added, “I am very appreciative of the hard work and dedication that Mindy has shown over the past six years. She is a true example of how we can work through barriers and be successful while serving Goodwill’s mission. I am confident she will succeed in her new role, and I am excited for her future!”