At Goodwill, we’re in the business of changing lives. And one way we accomplish that is through the many programs and services offered at our Louisville Resource Center.

LeRoy Morgan, a participant of the Soft Skills Academy, GoodStart, Advancing Cities, expungement and RISE programs, felt compelled to thank our staff and Goodwill for his experience in a letter titled, “Goodwill: The Fog Removers.” Read it here:

“These people here are extraordinary on Broadway in the sense that they actually care about the people who come here lost and confused looking for hope. If an individual is seeking to get a fresh start at life, it happens right here at the Resource Center.

My name is LeRoy Morgan, and I am 71 years young.

My introduction started June 19, 2021 with Tom Saylor in Soft Skills Academy. Great motivation and insight.

Next, I went into Ms. Tonia Owens’ class GoodStart and began learning some digital skills.

Next, I went into the RISE program being instructed and for the first time experienced virtual classrooms with other students across Kentucky. Ms. Tina Ashby exposed us to greater experiences of communication. She challenged us to grow and pursue excellence.

Currently, I am meeting with Mr. Bob Morland, a CPA, that is helping me launch a nonprofit organization that will impact seniors across Kentucky.

Also, from Advancing Cities is Ms. Jasmine Cunningham, who is working with me on financial planning.

Yes, Goodwill has removed fog from my life. All this has taken place since June 19, 2021.

Also, Career Coach Colin Haley has been instrumental in getting me enrolled in class as a personal fitness trainer. Therefore, I am working on two fronts. For personal fitness training accreditation, which Ms. Martha Stephenson approved, and Ms. Tina from the RISE program has also been instrumental.

About the second front is a nonprofit organization to be filed in February of 2022 and the program launch in June 2022.

I must also express gratitude to the people in the expungement department that helped get me on the road to reobtaining my driver’s license. They made phone calls to the courts and gave me good direction.

Also, many more have touched my life, starting at the front desk. The Resource Center was and is key to my current success. There is much work ahead, so I ask for your prayers and thank you.

Yours truly, LeRoy Morgan”