Our Middlesboro store may be small – but the effect it has on its community is big!

In 2021, it earned the Store of Excellence Award and was named a Fab 5 store in each quarter. In March, it broke its all-time monthly sales record.

But for Donna, the store manager, the most important part about her job is our mission. That’s why she’s been with us for nearly 24 years.

“Doing all this in such a small store makes me very proud of the hard work and dedication put forth by myself as well as my team,” Donna said.

In 2021, the store was consistently in the top five of round-up donations, which are taken at the register in support of our programs and services. Donna stresses the importance of round up to her employees.

“It’s wonderful, for any community,” said Josh, a team lead. “I can’t say enough good about it. Customers, we try to make them understand it and many of them do, how important round up is – what it really means to the whole state of Kentucky and local communities.”

According to Marilyn, an assistant manager, Donna’s commitment to our mission is a big reason why she is a member of our Goodwill family.

“I love the mission – I love the second chances,” Marilyn said. “I love Cars to Work. There’s nothing about the mission I can say anything bad about, and that’s why I stay. Because they do what they can to help.”

Donna said she couldn’t have reached this mark without Marilyn and Josh.

“It’s like playing a basketball game,” Marilyn said. “You’ve got good players. If you take one out, the game goes to part. So, that’s what makes our team. It’s every one of us.”

When Josh sat down to interview with Donna for the team lead position, he said he immediately felt like he was cared for. That’s what makes him stay with us, he said.

“You need leadership to set the tone,” Josh said. “Donna is the best manager ever. Marilyn is the best assistant manager and trainer. Those two ladies I cannot say enough good about, professionally – and they’re just good people. They’re wonderful people from the heart. They care about the store. They care about the policies and procedures. And they care about their people and their customers.”

Thank you for your commitment to our mission and congratulations on your store’s achievements, Middlesboro!