Cindy happened to be at one of our stores while someone was talking about the Goodwill Cars to Work Program, which offers auto loans to individuals who wouldn’t normally qualify. After hearing about it, it didn’t take her long to set an appointment with her soon-to-be career coach, Robert.

“It was all good news after that,” she said.

A cleaner for Commercial Clean, Cindy was relying on her son to get to and from work before being introduced to Cars to Work. She would take care of her grandchild during the day, and her son would take her to work in the evening.

But now, after being matched with a vehicle through the program, she’s able to drive herself to work. She said she’s been spreading the good news to anyone who is in need of transportation.

“With hard work and determination, Goodwill will back you up,” Cindy said. “They do so much more than people realize. Everybody assumes it’s just a store that sells clothes, but it’s a lot more. I thank God for Oxmoor, Goodwill and the gentleman who delivered my car. I have worked hard to get here. I thank God every day for Goodwill.”

In addition to obtaining a vehicle, Cindy is taking advantages of the financial literacy services offered through us at Goodwill and Cars to Work.

“I am hoping to increase my credit score,” she said. “Goodwill is helping me learn. They teach me not to overspend and to put aside money for emergencies. The payments are set to where I can actually afford them. I am truly grateful.”

Cindy’s mother is 86 and lives 11 miles from her. She is now able to commute there during the day to care for her.

“In the night, I don’t have to rely on anyone,” Cindy explained. “I have my own independence.”

Cindy said that independence wouldn’t be possible without her career coach, Robert.

“Everything that had to be done to get the vehicle, Robert took me through it step by step,” she said.

Cars to Work recently reached its goal of 150 placements for 2021. Do you need assistance getting a vehicle to bridge the gap between your home and place of work? Learn more about the Cars to Work program and apply today at