After an 18-month prison sentence for a drug-related conviction, Nikki – a single mother of four – worked diligently to become a certified peer support specialist and training facilitator. In February 2022, accepted a job as program director for Supportive Roads Mentoring Services in Bowling Green, where she continues to build recovery and mental health programming for sober living environments.

Nikki was hired at our Opportunity Center in Bowling Green as a peer support specialist in August 2022. Since then, she has completed all the required education components to become a member of the Kentucky State Alcohol & Drug Counselor Board as a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor Associate I.

Nikki works a program through Alcoholics Anonymous and is a sponsor in that fellowship. She has a unique skillset centered around recovery management, as well as assisting her clients in cleaning up wreckage from their past. Nikki has passion or helping others overcome the same barriers she faced due to addiction.

Nikki said, “I am passionate about using the suffering from my past in a positive way to help others.”

Effective today (12/19), Nikki was promoted to career coach, and we can’t wait to see the impact she will have on our clients. Please join us in congratulating Nikki on her promotion!