Chastity abused drugs for 28 years before seeking help at a long-term treatment center in Somerset. At that time, she was 45 years old.

“I never thought I would get out of that life,” she said. “At that age, most people don’t even live.”

Chastity was introduced to Goodwill and our second-chance services during her time at the treatment center. While doing mock interviews, she said she impressed the store manager of our Burnside location in Somerset, Loretta.

“They made me feel like I could be a productive member of society again,” Chastity said. “I felt needed. I felt so unneeded for so long.”

That led to Chastity applying for a team lead position at Burnside. A month later, after graduating the treatment program, she was hired full time. Two-and-a-half years later, she is now an assistant manager.

“Without this job, I don’t know what I would do,” Chastity said. “This job is more than just a job to me. Everyone here is like my little family.”

Chastity has now been clean for almost four years. Said she didn’t want to move back home after treatment because of how people viewed her, but thanks to her Goodwill family, she said she feels valued.

“Everybody back home, they can’t believe it,” she said. “They didn’t know me any other way.”

In addition, Chastity took part in our Good Smiles program, which offers $5,000 for dental work not covered by insurance. She also became a certified assistant manager through our LEAP training.

“I didn’t smile,” she said. “If I did, I would cover my mouth. But now, I’ve got a big smile. This place has built my confidence in more ways than one.”

Chastity’s story has inspired many of her coworkers to work as hard as she has to overcome addiction, she said.

“I want people to look at me and say, ‘If that girl can do it, then anybody can,’” she said.