Almost eight years ago, Tammy’s addiction took control of her. At the time, she had a job and a 5-year-old daughter.

“My mom got custody of my daughter. I was out in the madness, running around for about three years,” Tammy said. “Then, in 2017, I got locked up in February and they put me in drug court. (But since then) I haven’t looked back.”

Tammy had to “completely start over.” While in drug court, she learned about the second chances offered by us at Goodwill. Despite her three felonies, she was hired as a cashier in November of 2017. Since then, she’s been promoted to team lead at the Shepherdsville store and has completed two work-related certifications.

Most importantly, she said, she’s regained custody of her daughter, who is now 12, and has gotten an apartment and car.

“Goodwill is a big part of that,” she said. “They’ve really worked with me. I’ve had medical stuff pop up in my family. But (Goodwill) has really worked with me so I can take care of my family.”

She’s also taken part in several of Goodwill’s programs and services, with help from Career Coach Steve Davis. GoodSmiles allowed her to get a whole new smile by paying for dental work on top of her insurance.

“The benefits that Goodwill has, they’re really hard to beat,” she said. “As far as the PTO, the GoodSmiles program, the incentives. It keeps going.”

Tammy is also building her credit and has improved her digital skills. Before, Tammy said she would ask her 12-year-old for help with technology.

“I’m not very technologically-savvy,” she said. “At work, you have a lot to keep up with. I’ve learned how to navigate stuff. Especially since I’ve become a team lead, I feel like I’ve grown in areas that I never have.”

Tammy celebrated five years of sobriety on February 9 and said she has regular customers who have cheered her on every step of the way. Even former guards have come to congratulate her and keep up with her successes. Her next step is getting her felonies expunged through Goodwill’s expungement program.

“We’re really a close-knit family up here, for real,” she said. “This is my Goodwill family, my coworkers and my regulars.”