Brandon, a father of two, was working in fast food for three years when he came across a material handler position at our 2nd Chance Outlet in Louisville.

“I needed a change of life. I was caretaking for my grandmother full time,” he explained. “My wife and I were actually hired together, and my mom works here, too. It helped being closer to home, just living a street over.”

In 18 months, Brandon earned three promotions and now works as an assistant manager.

“I am super blessed to work for this company,” Brandon said. “A lot of places don’t allow family members to be each other. We can all come and go home with each other at the same time. My wife actually moved over to work in e-commerce, so I could move up at the store.”

When asked what he likes best about Goodwill, Brandon said, “I love the loving environment. You feel comfortable, and nobody grinds you into the ground. Goodwill wants to make you better, and it makes you want to come back. I feel that the passion I give for 8-12 hours every day is appreciated. Goodwill brings hope. It makes you believe you can succeed. You have people that will back you, and even carry you, if you need. We are all one family here.”

Brandon is diagnosed with spina bifida and was once told he would never walk or talk.

“I am blessed to be alive and share my love with everyone. You don’t have to live in darkness. If you believe in who you are, you can help others, because you are a blessing and a one-of-a-kind person. Give love and kindness whenever you can; it means so much. It means so much more than bringing someone down.”