Yesterday, we announced a historic $100 million investment with Norton Healthcare in west Louisville, which will result in our “Opportunity Campus” and the area’s first hospital in more than 100 years.

West Louisville is a nine-neighborhood community where the median household income is $21,000. The area has endured years of disinvestment that has left many of its 65,000 mostly African American residents underserved in a community that has limited employment opportunities.

PRESS RELEASE: Goodwill and Norton Healthcare partner for historic $100M investment in west Louisville

Visitors of the campus will be able to access job training programs, legal support, youth mentoring, restorative justice services, drop-in childcare, personal grooming options, behavior and mental health treatment and second-chance banking.

The hospital will offer comprehensive services, including adult and pediatric primary care physician offices, emergency room services, inpatient services and outpatient functions. Imaging services, including X-rays and CT scans, will be available, along with specialty services such as women’s health, cardiology, neurology and endocrinology.

Collectively, the agencies are expected to bring more than 200 jobs to West Louisville at an average annual wage of $59,000 and will serve approximately 50,000 people every year with their programs, services and campus offerings.

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