Goodwill Industries of Kentucky’s mission is to serve vulnerable populations. For a greater part of those populations, this past week has been filled with a mixture of powerful emotions.

Goodwill VP of External Affairs DeVone Holt was recently quoted by Louisville Business First in a longform article on the struggles African Americans are faced with today and how to properly combat those struggles.

Holt’s heartfelt quote is below, but to view Louisville Business First’s piece, which features quotes from other Louisville leaders, click here: Louisville Business First: What is our way forward?

“It is my belief that racist institutions, policies or individuals are no longer the greatest threat to fighting racism. The greatest threat in the fight against racism are non-racist White citizens who sit on the sidelines and avoid joining legitimate efforts to undermine the damage caused by hate.

I believe there are more non-racist Whites than those who are racist. In order for our society to successfully move beyond this point, non-racist White people can no longer practice extended periods of apathy. For too long, Black people have carried an unfair and exhausting burden of leading the fight against racism.

White allies must add their voices to the discussion. And in order for them to do that effectively, two things must happen:

White people must overcome the fear of not knowing exactly what to say about racial issues. That fear is often what prevents them from speaking out.

Black people must make the accommodations for non-racist White people to find their footing in this battle against racism and not be so quick to become confrontational with allies who stumble to properly express themselves in this fight.”