At Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, our mission is to reduce poverty through “the power of work.” We carry out that mission by connecting Kentuckians with resources that promote self-sufficiency.

And we don’t do it alone – in 2021, we partnered with 871 community partners to affect the lives of thousands of people. In 2022, we’re partnering with yet another partner to provide individuals with another necessary resource: a haircut.



Our Louisville Resource Center has set up a voucher program with the Kentucky College of Barbering to offer free haircuts for Goodwillers. Mercer, our long-time custodian at the Louisville Resource Center, received his first official hair cut in 30 years as part of the program (pictured).

According to Jimmy Cadet, partner of the Kentucky College of Barbering, the timing of the partnership worked out perfectly. He’s been looking to relocate the college’s current location to help foster more visibility and presence, while staying in the community of West Louisville.

Cadet, who also owns a salon in Louisville as well, said his assistant managed to get in contact with us at Goodwill – and now, the college will have a presence on our new “Opportunity Campus,” when we move our headquarters to West Louisville.

“There is something about a haircut that’s magical,” Cadet said. “The relationship so far, and I expect it to continue, has been wonderful. We’re headed to the Opportunity Campus. We have a relationship with the east downtown location – and it’s all to help the community foster positive vibes.”

The initial relationship – dubbed “Community Cuts” – is a benefit to Goodwillers in need of a haircut and also students at the college, Cadet said. Students at the college are also trying to improve their surroundings and life trajectory through the school, while learning about financial literacy, how to open a business, etc.

“A young man, who’s trying to find his passion, his craft, what he wants to do in life – for him to be able to cut a person’s hair who had not gotten a haircut or beard trim in more than 20 years, and for his peers and other students to see that joy,” Cadet said. “… Those types of things, that’s what the community is all about.”

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