Dorlese, a Louisville native, has spent much of her life searching for a job that was the best fit for her. She said she felt “lost.”

“I never had a problem with authority,” she said. “But if you told me to go right, I wanted to go left.”

That was until she found out about the programs and services offered by us at Goodwill. She met with Martha Stephenson, director of career services at the Louisville Resource Center, and hit the ground running. She said she has tried everything from our Soft Skills Academy to the conflict management course – she’s earned three certifications so far.

“Goodwill is a wonderful place to be,” she said. “They can help anybody that wants help, but you have to come and make yourself available. You only get what you put in. If you give 100%, you’re going to get 125,000% back. But it’s all on you.”

She also got a job two months ago at our Broadway store, right next door to the Resource Center at 909 East Broadway. She said she plans to continue taking part in classes at the Center. Everything she’s learned has been important, but she said the digital literacy training stood out for her.

“The digital skills are very, very important,” she said. “Those will get you anything you want to do. It’s the way of the world. You have to have a computer or laptop just to log into your (payroll, pay stubs and time cards). Even email. Nobody wants to talk on the phone anymore.”

Dorlese said she finally knows who she is, thanks in part to us at Goodwill. Her Career Coach Kaycee Ackaway and Store Manager Jeanie Richardson have played big roles in her success.

“Miss Kaycee is awesome,” Dorlese said. “I can go to her and talk to her about anything I need as far as different services.”

One day, Jeanie noticed Dorlese was struggling because of low blood pressure, so she stepped in to help her with her work tasks.

“Now,” Dorlese said, “I’m learning to do what your supervisor asks you to do because there’s a reason for it. …

“Jeanie is amazing. I had a meltdown not too long ago and they talked me through it. She’s not going to ask me to do anything she wouldn’t do. Teamwork makes the dream work, and that’s what I’m always about.”

Many individuals use our retail jobs and career services as a stepping stone to success. But for Dorlese, she finally feels like she’s found her perfect fit.

“I go where I think I’m needed, and I think Goodwill needs me, and I need Goodwill,” she said.