Betty, a Lincoln County resident, originally entered Goodwill’s Senior Community Service & Employment Program (SCSEP) in March 2018. The program is designed to connect older job seekers with local agencies for paid, on-the-job training. Betty was job trained for two years before exiting the program due to health reasons. Seven months later, hear health issues were resolved, and Betty was excited to return to the program in hopes to obtain permanent employment within in her community.

Unfortunately, during the time of her return, COVID prevented many agencies from opening or operating at a normal capacity.

Betty’s employment goals were office clerical, personal care and retail sales (no long-standing assignments). Due to her physical limitations, she was unable to train at the very few assignments that were allowing volunteers. Therefore, Goodwill created a virtual home-learning plan for Betty to complete temporarily, while awaiting agencies to reopen. She completed weekly assignments and conference calls with Career Coach Kimberly Culliton. This learning plan helped Betty gain basic computer skills, build a professional resume, complete a master application, access community resources, take financial management courses, complete Goodwill’s Soft Skills Academy and more.

After completing her virtual plan, she was scheduled to keep in contact with the Kentucky Career Center to begin her job search. The Center had a short-term, paid position open, to which she applied for with Goodwill’s assistance.

On March 29, Betty was hired with the potential to transition to long-term employment. Goodwill gifted Betty with an HP Chromebook for obtaining employment, so she can continue to advance her digital skills and maintain gainful employment.