Our annual March Madness contest, which features 16 of our fashion-minded Facebook followers and outfits they’ve sourced 100% from our Goodwill stores, is in full swing!

Those 16 individuals, who volunteered to participate, search one or more of our stores for an outfit, submit a photo of themselves modeling the outfit and compete against other outfits for prizes!

Our other followers will cast votes for their favorites. Outfits with the most votes will advance to the next round. The following prizes will be awarded to the winners of each round:

Sweet Sixteen: March 8-15: $5 Goodwill gift certificate
Elite Eight: March 16-19: $10 Goodwill gift certificate
Final Four: March 20-21: $20 Goodwill gift certificate
Championship: March 24-26: $65 Goodwill gift certificate ($100 total!)

To learn more about our March Madness contest and to view past outfits, watch this recent WHAS Great Day Live segment featuring our Manager of Marketing and PR Lauren Deitering: