Today, April 6, Angela is celebrating six months of sobriety after struggling with addiction for 30 years. As we recognize National Second Chance Month in April, we wanted to share her story and join in her celebration:

Last year, Angela was arrested and spent 17 days in jail and was evicted from her apartment.

“Due to the choices I made, I was homeless. I had no car, no heat, no water. I was going to the bathroom outside,” she explained. “That was my rock bottom.”

Angela was mandated to drug court, and she says this was her “biggest blessing.”

Angela was then referred to Goodwill’s Reintegrating Individuals Successfully Every Day (RISE) program in Corbin, Kentucky, where she completed GoodStart and our Soft Skills Academy.

Through the program, she garnered new skills, built a resume and completed job applications. She used a Chromebook to create an email account and Canva to design a presentation of her goals. Most importantly, she worked on confidence building.

“I had no social skills,” Angela said. “I had to learn how to advocate for myself, how to carry myself with self-esteem. I learned how to be dependable.”

Today, Angela works at McAlister’s Deli in London, has a three-bedroom townhouse that she shares with her two adult children and owns a vehicle. For the future, Angela has discussed with her career coach multiple career paths, either in the culinary industry as a chef or in the social services field as a peer support specialist.

“People can do it; you just have to have the mindset,” Angela said. “All your family wants to see is that you are trying. ‘People, places and things.’ That’s what you need to stay away from. That’s what they teach you in drug court. I am a contributing member of society now, and it feels good to be independent. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

Congratulations, Angela!